A Guide to Awning Designs for Businesses

Depending on location, brick-and-mortar stores can face a lot of challenges. The competition up and down the block may be fierce, which is why business owners must consider all their options when it comes to attracting customers. 

Awnings, for example, are great for any type of business. Not only are they extremely versatile, but they can provide various functions depending on your needs. 

Awning Design

Give your business the chance to stand out by installing a custom-made awning. Your awning design can have a huge impact on your visibility. From the color to the shape of your awning, you can pick from a myriad of options that will make your business look more stylish while also providing crucial information for potential customers. 

Here, we’re talking about your phone number, operating hours, and even your logo. All of these elements can come together to create a cohesive image of what customers can expect once they step inside your business. 

Building Facade

Awnings aren’t just used to communicate what your business is about, they can also make your building look different. A boring exterior can be transformed immediately with the right type of design. 

Not only that, awnings can make any space look bigger. Awning specialists can help you pick the right shape, height, and slope that can make any storefront appear wider or taller. 


Originally, awnings were created to offer shade and protection from the elements, such as rain. Your new awning, while stylish, will provide the same benefits. For restaurants, they can expand your seating area, allowing diners to enjoy their meals out in the open without discomfort. 

Some may even be retractable or seasonal- we really did mean it when we said that the possibilities are endless!

Before the awning installation process can even begin, contact us so that we may help you pick the perfect design for your business!