Awning Repair -Cigarette Burns

Special Topic:  How to repair small holes in awning fabric…

Many alfresco patio covers and first story awnings have windows and balconies above; what happens when smokers’ lit ash hits awning fabric?  Small burns are made.  This type of damage not only mars the appearance of the canopy but also lets the elements i.e. water in.  Now, 100’s of square feet of dining area becomes totally unavailable during inclement weather.  This can be a huge loss of revenue for restaurants that depend on additional patio areas for holiday parties and events not to mention general seating.

This type of problem does not have to result in pre-mature recovering of awning and patio covers.  Fixing small wholes in Sunbrella, Pyrotone, Caliopy and even vinyl covered patio awnings is possible:

  1. Obtain a small amount of the same fabric and color from your awning manufacturer.  They usually have remnants that they can send to you for the cost of shipping.
  2. Using a grommet punch, #8 should be large enough, make a patch larger than the size of the burn hole.
  3. Use a spray fabric adhesive #77, can be purchased at upholstery supply store.  HOME DEPOT USUALLY DOES NOT STOCK STRONG ENOUGH  SPRAY ADHESIVE, spray both the patch as well as underside around the hole, be careful to tape off area to avoid excessive overspray.
  4. Press fabric patch to underside of awning cover and apply pressure for 30 to 60 seconds.


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