Pressure Steam Cleaning

Why Steam?

While cold water pressure washing can strip paint off a fence, if you’re brand of grime is melted into the sidewalk or is greasy, then steam pressure washing is the best.  To clean stubborn gum stains and oily residue with cold water requires the use of some pretty harsh chemicals and degreasers.  Steam on the other hand simply raises the temperature high enough to dissolve stains away.

The use of steam reduces the chance of introducing more chemical pollutants into the environment by avoiding putting them there in the first place.  We have one planet and Awn-Guard’s philosophy is to utilize the least impactful products and techniques while still getting the job done.  This is why Awn-Guard practices comprehensive water reclamation and recycle program to insure waste water stays out of storm drains.

3 Questions for prospective Pressure Wash Service:

  1. Do you have water reclamation capability?
  2. Do you use steam pressure washing – or only cold water?
  3. Are you fully insured and can provide certificates for Workers Compensation, General Liability and Commercial Vehicle insurance?
Note: Awn-Guard only utilizes pressure washing to stucco and concrete surfaces.  Awn-Guard cleans commercial fabric by hand in accordance with fabric manufacturers worldwide.