Rain Won’t Clean Your Awning

THE PROBLEM Heavy build up of dirt from nearby airfield, busy commercial thoroughfare and years of not cleaning.  The awnings were installed to provide needed shade to showrooms and add character to the shopping center but are now detracting from the image of the center due to their unkempt appearance.

THE SOLUTION  Quarterly professional awning cleaning service.

I hear all the time, especially around winter storm season – how the rain will clean the awnings.  Rain cleans fabric about as well as it cleans a dirty car.  These before pictures were taken after the heavy rain storms in San Diego.  Fabric that is not taken care of on a regular cleaning cycle, is likely to develop mold and mildew staining; especially during wet weather.   Not only does professional awning cleaning lengthen the useable life of awning fabric, but it also improves the overall appearance of storefronts.