Picking Awning Colors to Last.

Awnings and patio covers are routinely used to enhance the overall appearance of a property, reduce energy use by shading exterior and interior spaces, and create intimacy for alfresco seating.  These structures are often the defining element on a restaurant or building making them important capital investments.  In addition to the architectural element awnings add to commercial properties they are also a great way to advertise through branding and graphics.  For properties who have the flexibility to consider the full spectrum of awning fabric colors and designs, this article is for you.  We will attempt to weigh the pros and cons of color choice from a maintenance point of view.  After all for many properties selecting colors that will wear better over time not only makes financial sense but can also extend the appeal of the property for tenants and the public.  With that said, what colors do awning cleaners agree are the most durable?

Blues and greens stand up the best over time, both retaining their original color better and remaining stain free.  For overall fabric appearance, this would be our top recommendation.  Black can be a good choice but depending on the fabric can sometimes look linty, catching dust in the air.  Red, burgundy, terra cotta and rust tend to do better regarding visible stains however may be more prone to fading due to UV damage.  This can be a detractor because often awnings and patio covers are most effective to create shade on south facing buildings, the same place where the most UV exposure is causing color fading.  As with light colored fabrics, regular cleaning can help reduce fading, but be sure to use a knowledgeable awning cleaning company who uses cleaning agents designed for industrial fabric.  Light colored fabrics such as white, yellow and tan are more prone to channel streaks and visible stains.  If these colors are required due to branding or overall design considerations, plan on more frequent maintenance; as often as twice/month to keep colors stain free and bright.