There’s More Than One Way to Stand Out!




Car covered in bird droppings                 Cigaret Butts

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A first impression is made after only a few seconds in our subconscious mind.  Our brain takes snapshots of a scene and then draws a composite crafting our first impression.    This is happening all the time: when we meet a new person, how we feel about an advertisement, when we are shopping and picking a restaurant.

You would never allow a tray of cigarette butts to adorn your door, or let a car become encased in bird droppings in your entrance.   Don’t overlook your awnings either.  Routine awning maintenance is an important part of a sparkling facade and cleaning extends the usable life of awning fabric by removing airborne pollutants and bird droppings.

Let Awn-Guard help you stand out excellently.   Let us help your customer have a delightful, memorable first impression.

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