Which fabric is the “right” fabric?

If you represent a restaurant  adding additional alfresco seating,  a building contractor developing new retail centers, a property manager trying to solve shade issues for tenants and customers, you may discover that building a new awning or patio canopy can be a complicated process.  Today’s article is to talk about one component of that decision; what are the fabric choices – We hope to help answer the question: What kind of fabric best meets my project’s needs?

Patios: For large patio restaurant seating.  Only fabrics which are manufactured with a fire retardant component can be considered, to meet fire and building codes.  If shade is the primary function for your patio there are many acrylic fabrics such as Sunbrella Firesist (plus), Sattler and Sauleda which are available.  For better inclement weather protection there are several vinyl and blend fabrics which are good choices:  Patio 500, Mainstreet, Calliope and Weathertyte.  Each of these fabric lines have extensive selection of colors and patterns to choose from.

Back lit signs:  For awnings designed to shade and protect from weather but also serve as primary signage for a retail location or restaurant, there are eradicated solution vinyl fabrics such as Cooley Brite as well as back lit vinyl products.

Standard entrance awning / window shading: The most commonly used fabric is unquestionably Sunbrella made by Glen Raven Mills.   Sunbrella is available in many colors & patterns and has a fire retardant line.  Other similar acrylic fabrics, as mentioned above are: Sattler and Sauleda.

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