Awning Assessment

What We Look For

When it comes to business, looks do matter. Whether you are using an awning to build brand visibility or to maximize the use of your outdoor space, proactively monitoring the state of your awning will ensure your business stands apart from the competition without interruptions.

Awning Assessment

Against the Unexpected

Schedule an appointment to identify potential trouble spots before they become an issue, thus extending the life of your awning. During the visit, Awn-Guard’s expert technicians will appraise and document the condition of your awning’s fabric, frame, and hardware. Their findings and any diagnosed repair recommendations are included in the detailed Awning Assessment Report you receive after their visit.

Awning Assessment

Reduce Downtime

The Awning Assessment Report will help you budget for future maintenance or replacement requirements while reducing unplanned downtime and associated revenue loss.

Awning Assessment

Save on Repair Costs

All repairs scheduled within 30 days our first meeting and ask for our bundle packages.

Awning Assessment

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