Pothole Repair Services

New Service

We are happy to announce our new service of pothole repair. We use the exciting new technology called MegaPatch for a better solution than traditional approaches to pothole repair.


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic
  • 1 or 100 holes! We’ll fix them all!
  • No business interruption
  • Reduce property liability
Pothole Repair

About MegaPatch

MegaPatch is similar to a soft cement that allows milling when roadways are candidates for overlay. MegaPatch eliminates pothole growth by waterproofing the pothole edges. MegaPatch is also recommended for utility cuts providing a smooth, durable, skid-resistant surface.

The product is a polymer-composite pothole repair system, designed by Jack Wilson of MegaPatch, LLC. It is a durable, fiber-reinforced high friction pothole repair material designed to be placed in potholes on old or new asphalt or concrete pavements. Pavement with high distress due to oxidation, surface wear, and exposure to UV, petrochemicals, and pesticides are ideal candidates for use.

Pothole Repair

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