General FAQs

What are your hours?

We typically work 9-4:30, although you are welcome to email us or fill out our online contact form at any time. Accommodations are made to minimize our impact on normal business operations or convenience for homeowners. That means we schedule work after hours for businesses and weekdays for Apartment Management and Home Owner Association clients.

What is your mission?
At Awn Guard, our mission is to provide the highest quality service from our reliable, professional staff dedicated to customer satisfaction. We strive to become the undisputed authority for expert commercial awning fabric and pothole repair.
Do you only work with commercial clients?
We have a wide range of clientele from over the years that includes homeowners. Our list of clientele includes Home Owner Associations and Apartment Management. See the full list on our industries page.

Recurring Services FAQs

What are recurring services?

Recurring services include standard awning maintenance such as cleaning and pressure washing. It is important to get professional awning cleaning to clean out any soil, grime, mold, and pollution. We take the utmost care to retain the original color so that your awning fabric looks the same as it did the day it was first installed.

How often should awning cleaning happen?
Most awning warranties require regular cleaning. For high traffic or coastal locations monthly or every other month, service is recommended. For most other locations quarterly service is adequate.
What causes awning wear and tear?
The top three causes are

  1. Use of pressure washer machine on awnings – Awning fabric is not designed to withstand high pressure water.
  2. Improper chemicals / detergents / degreasers / solvents – Only manufacturer recommended cleaning agents and protectants should be used.
  3. Lack of cleaning.

Awning Manufacturing FAQs

Do you make custom awnings?
Yes! We work closely with our clients to determine the right design to add to their property. We can help connect you with a reputable awning manufacturer with who we have been working for years.
Do you help with awning recovery?
One of our specialties is recovering existing frames. We want to make sure the life of your awning is maximized and awning recovery is a great way to revitalize your property.
What fabric is the right fabric?
We have a fully detailed article available, but we’ll give you the rundown of what to consider here.

  • Restaurants: Due to fire and building codes, you can only consider fabrics that are fire retardant
    • Sunbrella Firesist
    • Sattler
    • Sauleda
  • Back Lit Signs: Consider vinyl fabrics like Cooley Brite for shade and protection from the elements.
  • Standard Entrance / Window Awning: The most common option is Sunbrella which comes in many colors and fabrics.

If you have any specific fabric you have questions about, please feel free to ask us.

How do I know what colors work well?

This is another in-depth article we have written, but we’ll give you a short version here.

  • Blues & Greens: The best over time that retains the original color and stays stain-free easier than other colors.
  • Black: Another solid choice, however on occasion can look linty with the dust in the air.
  • Reds: Handle visible stains fine, but are prone to fading from UV damage.
  • White, Yellow, Tan, and other light colors: Are prone to channel streaks and visible stains.
    • If any of these are part of your business’s branding or overall design, we can only advise on planning more frequent maintenance to keep the colors stain free and bright.

Awning Assessment FAQs

What is an awning assessment?
An awning assessment is when one of our expert technicians looks for and identifies potential trouble spots before they become an issue. This has led to many property owners extending the lifespan of their awning by proactively finding problems before they become problems. Our technicians will document their findings and write up recommendations in a detailed Awning Assessment Report. A copy will be provided to the owner.
Why should I get an awning assessment?
By generating an awning assessment, it gives you a clearer picture of any future maintenance or potential replacements. This is crucial because it provides a heads up to reduce unplanned downtime and any associated revenue loss.
Do you offer any benefits with awning assessments?

Yes, all repairs scheduled within 30 days of receiving our report can qualify you for a 20% discount on labor and parts.

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